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Disaster Mitigation Planning


Mitigation Planning

About Pre-Disaster Plans

Local Governments are required by Georgia state law to create 5-year pre-disaster mitigation plans in an effort to mitigate, or diminish, the likelihood or fallout of property damage and casualties in the event of natural or man-made disasters.  

In other words, if municipalities can create a thorough profile of their communities’ hazard history, economic and structural losses, injury and casualties and the potential for hazards to occur again, they can develop clues to estimate the potential losses, or hazard zones can be defined to determine where properties and populations are at risk.  

Pre-Disaster Plans are reviewed by both the Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency (GEMA) and the Federal Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency (FEMA). 

RVRC’s Role

River Valley Regional Commission can provide planning assistance to any local government in the River Valley that needs help with their Pre-Disaster plans. Please contact us at 706-256-2910 or email Planning Director Rick Morris at for more information.  

View Pre-Disaster Plans

Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plans for each community are located on their respective page. Please select a community from the list below to access pre-disaster plans. 

Note: Some pre-disaster plans are drafts. Be sure to select the most recent completed version for GEMA approved plan information.  

Important Disaster Planning Resources

For both comprehensive planning and pre-disaster mitigation planning, the RVRC relies on data from various state and federal resource agencies. Please see the list below of sources RVRC uses for planning.