Offices in Americus, GA and Columbus, GA

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Contacts for the River Valley Regional Commission

Columbus Office

Jim Livingston
Executive Director

Annie Thompson
Assistant to the Executive Director

Tracie Hadaway
Director of Planning and Government Services

Allison Slocum
Assistant Director of Planning

Blaine Hoskins
Regional Planner

Destinee Williams
Regional Planner

Naomi Masuoka
Regional Planner

Rick Morris
Senior Planner

Will Griggs
Regional Planner/Community Developer

Mariyana Kostov
Geographic Information System Manager

Laura Schneider
Environmental/Geographic Information System Planner

Ian Perry
Regional Planner

Debbie Zwaga
Executive Secretary

Kristal Blue
Financial Analyst

Area Agency on Aging

Katie Howard
Assistant Executive Director/Area Agency on Aging Director

Kia Barrow
Assistant Director of Aging

Franetta Miles
Wellness Coordinator

Latasha Green
ADRC Counselor

Jennifer Prescott
ADRC Counselor/Caregiver Specialist

Robbie Monfort
Dementia Care Specialist


Joretta Cuba
ADRC Counselor/Caregiver Specialist

Annie Poles
Lead ADRC Counselor

Latanya Albright
ADRC Case Manager

Kemberly Daniel
ADRC Counselor/Caregiver Specialist

Marie Peterson-Barnes
AAA Monitor

Lacarole Lloyd
MDS-Q Options Counselor

Iman Culpepper
ADRC Counselor

Americus Office

Tammy Collins
Finance Officer

Grant Richardson
Assistant Director of Government Services

John Morgan
Regional Community and Bicycle-Pedestrian Planner

SheKella Prince
Financial Assistant

Hayleigh Jones
Financial Assistant

Camille Bielby
Regional Planner

Michael Murray
Regional Planner

Janice West
WIOA Workforce Director

Tenisha Tookes
WIOA Program Specialist

Merri Spence
Human Resources Manager/Executive Secretary