Offices in Americus, GA and Columbus, GA

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RVRC Services

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Area Agency on


Geographic Information


Public Administration
Grant Writing


  • Assists local governments with preparation and amendments to their Comprehensive Plans and updates of their Community Work Programs (STWP)
  • Provides local planning technical assistance to planning commissions and local governments, including prepares zoning ordinances, zoning maps, subdivision regulations, and amendments to those ordinances.
  • Coordinates planning and implementation of Service Delivery Strategies (SDS)
  • Prepares and updates the River Valley Regional Plan
  • Reviews and solicits comments from affected parties on Developments of Regional Impact
  • Prepares Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plans, Urban Redevelopment Plans and other plans.
  • Prepares Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Implementation Plans for impaired streams.
  • Prepares and implements Watershed Management plans to improve water quality in impaired stream segments and maintain water quality in healthy stream segments.
  • Assists with development of ordinances for the protection of environmental resources.


  • Administers the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) services on behalf of the Middle Flint Workforce Development Board serving Crisp, Dooly, Macon, Marion, Schley, Sumter, Taylor and Webster counties
  • WIOA Services include:
    • Individual Training Accounts (ITA’s) for occupational specific classroom training with approved eligible training providers
    • On-The-Job Training (OJT) is a work-based training
    • GED Plus for individuals who lack a high school diploma. GED Plus provides literacy and basic skills remediation with the goal to obtain GED
    • Work readiness (soft skills) and work experience is incorporated with the GED Plus training component
  • Provides assistance to Trade Act impacted customers with training applications, assessments, career advisement, case management and referral to training activities
  • Provide Rapid Response services to respond to companies and individuals that will be affected by closures/ layoffs


  • Holds U.S. Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration designation as the 16-county Economic Development District and is responsible for developing the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) for the region
  • Provides staffing assistance to regional economic development groups such as Southern Lower Chattahoochee Council of Governments and Southwest Georgia Regional Development Authority
  • Assists small business owners and entrepreneurs with loan applications for local and regional revolving loan funds
  • Operates Revolving Loan Funds in order to assist in economic development opportunities in the region
  • Provides staff assistance to cities, counties and regional organizations in the administration of their revolving loan funds
  • Partners with the UGA Small Business Development Center and SCORE to provide business development training and assistance to entrepreneurs
  • Assists local governments, development authorities, Main Street cities, and other groups with downtown redevelopment effort s
  • Works with U.S. Department of Environmental Protection and Georgia partners to educated about the need to address and redevelop brownfields


  • Serves as the Area Agency on Aging, as designated by the Georgia Department of Human Services, for the 16-county region
  • Provides services and programs for seniors and persons with disabilities in the region to include:
  • Information, Assistance and Referrals
    • Extensive up-to-date data base of resources and services in the area, state and nation
    • Assesses clients’ needs and offers choices
    • Caregiving services from support groups to paid vouchers for respite services caring for those with dementia and/or Alzheimer diagnosis
    • Case Management offers personal in-home assessments and develops personalized care plans
    • Assistive Technology Lab showcases items such as equipment, software programs, and product systems that is used to increase, maintain, or improve the functional capabilities of persons with disabilities and older adults
    • Options counseling, nursing home and community transition programs help those in nursing homes to transition back into the community
    • Wellness and prevention services offer programs such as Chronic Disease Self-Management programs


  • Prepares applications for and administers preservation related grants
  • Provides technical assistance to private businesses and individuals with nominations to the National Register of Historic Places and historic preservation tax credits
  • Coordinates with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and performs historic resource surveys
  • Performs Section 106 Reviews
  • Provides technical assistance to local Historic Preservation Commissions
  • Develops design guidelines


  • Develops and maintains geographic information databases as part of the Georgia GIS Clearinghouse
  • Provides GIS maps with desired layers of data for applications in local and regional comprehensive plans, zoning ordinances, plan implementation measures, grantsmanships and numerous other efforts
  • Collects Global Positioning Systems (GPS) data requested by state agencies and local governments
  • Prepares Community Facilities Geographical Information Services database for use by local governments and the Department of Community Affairs
  • Prepares parcel updates for local communities
  • Gathers and manipulates Census data to be included in plans and maps


  • Member of the Technical Advisory Committee for the Columbus Metropolitan Transportation Planning Organization (serving GA/AL counties)
  • Provides electronic data adhering to all format and quality measures specified by Georgia Department of Transportation for information
  • Assists with development of pedestrian and bikeway facilities planning
  • Coordinates with Georgia Department of Transportation in the development of Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan and Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian website (
  • Assists with development and administration of Transportation Enhancement (TE) projects
  • Provides staff to the Citizens Review Panel for the implementation of the Transportation Investment Act (TIA)
  • Plans, develops and executes bicycle events and programs which focus on bicycle education, connectivity between points of interest, alternative transportation and promoting the region as a bicycle tourism destination.
  • Member of the Friend of the RiverLink (Columbus Greenbelt project)
  • Serve as Technical Advisors to the boards of directors for Bicycle Columbus, Sumter Cycling, and the Chattahoochee Area Southern Off Road Bicycle Association.
  • Prepares Transit Development plans


  • Prepares and administers Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) applications and projects for local governments
  • Prepares applications for project funding to implement local plans including the Department of Natural Resources Heritage grants, Federal Emergency Management Agency grants, Employment Incentive grants, OneGeorgia, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Rails to Trails grants, Land and Water Conservation Fund grants, Georgia Department of Transportation Safe Routes to School grants and others
  • Provides public administration technical assistance as requested by local governments