Offices in Americus, GA and Columbus, GA

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2024 MLK Day Ride

The RVRC hosted the annual Legislative Luncheon on May 24 in Americus.

Over 160 representatives, from both state and local government agencies in the River Valley Region attended the event, ranging from local mayors, city council members, county commissioners, and educators to state congresspeople and representatives from several state agencies.

10 speakers from the Georgia Senate and Georgia House of Representatives addressed the crowd, highlighting the bills that they are working to pass in the state and updating the crowd on current challenges and upcoming opportunities in the state.

Speakers included Georgia Senators, Carden Summers (District 13), Ed Harbison (District 15), and Randy Robertson (District 29), as well as Georgia Representatives, Carolyn Hugley (District 141), Debbie Buckner (District 137), Vance Smith (District 138), Noel Williams (District 148), Mike Cheokas (District 151), Patty Bentley (District 150), and Gerald Greene (District 154).