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The River Valley Regional Commission, through its contract with the Georgia Department of Transportation, is working in planning, developing, and executing the necessary activities in order to encourage safe walking and cycling through our communities as a means of alternative transportation and a perfect way to get active.

The River Valley Regional Commission will be working on the following projects:

  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety and Education Campaign - For this year, RVRC Bicycle-Pedestrian, along with its Columbus and Americus Planning Advisory Committees, will be executing the following events as part of our SHARE THE ROAD and STATE ROUTES initiative:
    - October 19, 2019: Fair on the Square, Lumpkin, GA.
    - September 28, 2019: Plains, Trains and Bike Chains, Sumter County, GA.
    - May 2, 2020: Prison to Peanuts Bicycle Adventure, Sumter County, GA.
    - May 2020: Columbus and Americus - Bike to work Day and Ride with the Mayor.

For more information on our initiatives visit


  • Annual Bike to Work Day, Columbus, GA and a Fourth Annual Bike to Work Day in Americus, GA - this event focuses on encouraging citizens to make the shift from their vehicles and into their bicycles as an alternative means to commuting to work. The River Valley Regional Commission has partnered with the local businesses which reward employees who commute to work, in Columbus and Americus, using non-motorized transportation with the exception or car-pools and public transportation. This year, Bike to Work Day will take place on the third Friday of May during National Bike Week. The night before Bike to Work Day, the RVRC will hold its second annual block party to kick off the event on the 1000 block of Broadway in Uptown Columbus. Live music, free food, and giveaways will be available at this event. For more information visit www.activevalley.org
  • RVRC Staff will continue to serve as technical advisors to the following organization's Board of Directors:
    - Bicycle Columbus
    - Sumter Cycling

  • RVRC will continue to assist communities in researching and applying for funding opportunities to develop bicycle and pedestrian initiatives including off-road bicycle trails, mountain bike trails, walking trails, cycling paths, infrastructure improvements, etc.

    For more information on Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian projects, citizen comments and concerns, and project ideas contact Jill Hohnecker at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - Bicycle Pedestrian Planner.


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