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Regional Plan Update 09.19.18


RVRC Regional Plan Draft

The Regional Plan is a requirement by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs which has the authority under OCGA 50-8-1 et seq to establish standards and procedures for appropriate and timely regional planning by all Regional Commissions in Georgia. Throughout FY 2012, the Regional Commission worked to develop this document and its components.


The Regional Plan addresses issues surrounding the protection of cultural and natural resources, economic development, tourism, literacy, transportation, and workforce readiness. The Plan contains three main sections: the Assessment, the Stakeholder Involvement Program, and the Agenda. The Assessment was written by RVRC staff and looks at regional issues and opportunities.


The Stakeholder Involvement Program demonstrates how the RVRC will engage regional stakeholders to get input on identified issues and strategies to address those issues. Finally, the input was used to create the Agenda.


The Agenda outlines standards and policies and procedures that local governments throughout the region must employ in their day-to-day development decisions. These standards are to ensure consistency across the region and promote a unified approach to common social and development interests and obstacles.


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Regional Plan Documents

Regional Resource Plan (Regionally Important Resources)

Regional Work Program Agenda 2012-2032

2013 Report of Achievements

Regional Assessment

Community Participation Plan (Stakeholder Involvement)

Data Appendix


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